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How to Let Go: A Review of The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer

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The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer

What would it be like to free yourself from limitations and soar beyond your boundaries? What can you do each day to discover inner peace and serenity? The Untethered Soul—now a #1 New York Times bestseller—offers simple yet profound answers to these questions. This book will transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you. You’ll discover what you can do to put an end to the habitual thoughts and emotions that limit your consciousness. By tapping into traditions of meditation and mindfulness, author and spiritual teacher Michael A. Singer shows how the development of consciousness can enable us all to dwell in the present moment and let go of painful thoughts and memories that keep us from achieving happiness and self-realization.


This book has opened me up to so many new ways of thinking and so many new techniques to add to my meditation and mindfulness practices. I took so many notes while reading this book because I didn’t want to forget any of it. I won’t put them all in here, but instead, I urge you to buy this book and read it now. Don’t wait. The information is it is too valuable. It has already helped me much more than any other book I have read in a long while.

Here’s what I learned from The Untethered Soul:

(This is just a small selection of my notes. There is so much more. Seriously – read it yourself ASAP):

  • There is a voice in your head that chatters incessantly. The only way to stop it is to step back and view it objectively.
  • This voice is just a vocalizing mechanism makes it seem like someone is in there talking to you.
  • It is not you. If you’re hearing it talk, it’s obviously not you. You are the one who hears the voice. You are the one who notices that it’s talking.
  • Much of what the voice says is meaningless, a waste of time and energy.
  • Eventually, you will see that the real cause of problems is not life itself. It’s the commotion the mind makes about life that really causes problems.
  • This narration from the voice helps to make you feel more comfortable with the world around you.
  • True personal growth is about transcending the part of you that is not okay and needs protection. This is done by constantly remembering that you are the one inside that notices the voice talking. That is the way out.
  • You live in the seat of consciousness. You are behind everything, just watching. That is your true home. Take everything else away and you’re still there, aware that everything is gone. But take the center of awareness away and there is nothing. That center is the seat of self. The great mystery begins once you take that seat deep within.
  • Contemplating the source of consciousness, this is true meditation. For the deepest meditation, you must not only have the ability to focus your consciousness completely on one object, you must also have the ability to make awareness itself be that object. In the highest state, the focus of consciousness is turned back to the Self.
  • Opening your heart allows energy in and closing blocks it out. If you want to stay open, pay attention when you feel love and enthusiasm. Then ask yourself why you can’t feel this all the time. The more you stay open, the more energy flow can build. At some point, so much energy comes into you that it starts flowing out of you. You feel it as waves pouring off of you.
  • You can affect other people and your own body with the flow of your energy.
  • Through meditation, through awareness, and willful efforts, you can learn to keep your centers open.
  • Everything that did not make it through you (a cycle of stored past energy patterns), from the time you were a baby all the way to this moment, is still inside you. That encrustation builds up and restricts the energy flow.
  • You are either trying to push energies away because they bother you, or you are trying to keep energies close because you like them. In both cases, you are not letting them pass, and you are wasting precious energy by blocking the flow through resisting and clinging.
  • The alternative is to enjoy life instead of clinging to it or pushing it away. If you can live like that, each moment will change you.
  • Unending inspiration, unending love, and unending openness, is the natural state of a healthy heart.
  • To achieve this state, simply allow the experiences of life to come in and pass through your being. If old energies come back up because you were unable to process them before, let go of them now.
  • Just open, relax your heart, forgive, laugh or do anything you want. Just don’t push it back down. It was stored with pain, it’s going to release with pain. It only hurts for a minute and then it’s over.
  • Learn to be centered enough to just watch this stuff come up. Once you sit deeply enough inside to stop fighting the stored energy patterns they’ll come up constantly and pass right through you. Your heart will become accustomed to the process of releasing and cleansing.
  • Your reward is a permanently open heart.
  • You will get there.
  • Just keep letting go.
  • If you aren’t centered, your consciousness is just following whatever catches its attention. Your energy (and life) is very scattered.
  • If you want to be free, then every time you feel any change in the energy flow, relax behind it.
  • If you can learn to remain centered with the smaller things, you will see that you can also remain centered with bigger things.
  • There’s a place deep inside of you where the consciousness touches the energy, and the energy touches the consciousness. That’s where your work is. From that place, you let go.
  • You can do one of two things with fear: you can recognize that you have it and work to release it, or you can keep it and try to hide from it.
  • Decide not to fight with life.
  • Fear is the cause of all problems.
  • Unfortunately … we’re not really trying to be free of our stuff, we’re trying to justify keeping it.
  • You free yourself by finding yourself. You are the one who notices things. The one who notices is already free.
  • You are either trying to stop suffering, controlling your environment to avoid suffering or worrying about suffering in the future. This state of affairs is so prevalent that you don’t see it.
  • That constant, anxious inner talk is a form of suffering.
  • The advice your mind is trying to give you is psychologically damaged advice.
  • That is what all the noise is inside your mind, an attempt to avoid the stored pain.
  • To go beyond, you must keep going past the limits that you put on things. This requires changes at the core of your being.
  • You are constantly trying to stay inside your comfort zone. The moment somebody starts behaving in a way that is outside your expectations, your mind starts talking. Telling you to fix it.
  • You are consciousness, and you can free yourself from all of this by relaxing behind it.
  • You just decide, once and for all, to take the journey by constantly letting go.
  • The purpose of your life is to enjoy and learn from your experiences.
  • You were born and you are going to die. During the time in between, you get to choose whether or not you want to enjoy the experience.
  • No matter what happens, just don’t close your heart.
  • Meditation strengthens your center of consciousness so that you are always aware enough to not allow your heart to close.

“It’s safe to say that the only thing most people know for sure about enlightenment is that they are not there.”


The key action that I have taken from all this is how to let go. Most of what I have read before tells you that you should let go, of the past, of your stress and worries, of your pains. But they either didn’t explain how to do it, or I just didn’t get it at the time. This book has shown me how to deal with pain, emotions, and thoughts as they come up. The bonus for me is that I am now putting it into action. Once I recognize the issue I can take a step back and feel it, usually, it is a physical sensation in the heart or gut. Once I can feel it, I can observe it, acknowledge it, and let it go. I can also now physically feel the release, and the calm once it is gone. I can feel my heart opening.

This knowledge is great, but without being able to step back and recognize these moments you can’t put it into practice. This is where meditation and mindfulness have helped me become more aware of my thoughts and feelings as they are happening. It is not always perfect, and it doesn’t always work, but I keep practicing because I see and feel the results.

Read this book. You won’t regret it.

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